Everyone's been waiting for it and guess what? It's finally arrived!

Zip Pay is now available in all Secret Sneaker Stores! Alongside being available on our website in addition to Afterpay, we've now pulled some strings and managed to update all our physical in store locations with Zip Pay!

If you're not familiar with just how the program works I'll sum it up quickly to give you guys an idea! Zip Pay are a 'buy now, pay later' program which allow you to receive and use an item from the day you take it out of our store, without the need of paying for the item until later on! Working on a 'credit' basis Zip Pay allows users to purchase items up to a specific user decided amount and then re pay that amount in instalments over the course of a user chosen time, all whilst being interest free if the purchase remains under 1000AUD.

If you're keen to read more about Zip Pay click here otherwise head in store now to secure your grails! Finally as usual, feel free to browse our online store by clicking here!