You guys asked, and we at SSS answered! Consider yourself a Jerry Lorenzo fan? Or perhaps you just enjoy the minimalistic designs and high quality materials rocked in Fear of God's clothing line? Well now you can enjoy the taste of that lifestyle at a fraction of the cost!

Now yes, I know we've talked about FOG Essentials before but today we bring it back into the spotlight because apparently you guys can't get enough! Over the last few weeks SSS have received a huge influx of FOG Essentials apparel. From the classic sweatpantscrews and hoodies through to the more recent 3M reflective and very visually pleasing 'photo' pieces we've nearly got it all both in store and online!

Finally with a slew of new collection pieces coming out every week you can be sure we'll continue updating our stock both in store and online!

Keen to browse the latest in FOG essentials? Just click here or visit us in store!