One of the most iconic names within the streetwear world and simultaneously the creator of now one of the sneaker industry's most recognisable silhouettes. The Yeezy line of sneakers has been around for quite some time, however it’s only been within the last few years that we would see the label fall into the hands of sneaker manufacturing powerhouse, Adidas.
Designed by quite a contentious figure within the media, we have Kanye West to thank for the timeless silhouettes we now see worn by celebrities, sports stars and if they were lucky enough to grab a pair despite the limited releases, that stylish friend of yours! Having risen to fame given their unique design as well as support throughout the streetwear world, the line of Yeezy footwear is also commonly known for it’s incredibly limited releases. With pairs often selling in aftermarkets for nearly double their original store prices, getting your hands on a pair is no easy task. Often, if you’re not forced to wait in a line through the night, chances are you’ll be stuck trying your luck in a randomised raffle without thousands of others.
However no need to fret, if neither of those options sound quite like your cup of tea, here at Secret Sneaker Store you’ve stumbled across one after markets and now found your new Yeezy Supply! If you hadn’t clued in from the name, we specialise in tracking down all of those hard to get, limited edition sneakers, the likes which sometimes you only ever get to see on a famous person's feet. Within our expansive range of shoes you can find nearly every Yeezy related release, Yeezy Boost 350’s? We’ve got them. 700s? Those as well, hell often even his more questionable pairs like the Yeezy Cleats or even Yeezy Slides.
Now if perhaps you find yourself someone not be swayed by the apparent ‘hype’ behind a brand, allow us to tell you a little bit more about the technology. Nearly all of the Adidas Yeezy sneaker models feature boost lined midsoles, one of Adidas’ now most comfortable and stylish materials. Shaped to look as if the material was made of tiny clouds funnily enough walking on boost material feels quite the same! Now taking a look at Kanye West’s most iconic Yeezy model, the Yeezy 350, this pair features a woven knit upper, rubberised outsole and of course an entirely boost lined interior midsole which can actually be seen and touched by turning the shoe over and inspecting the exposed pieces and large - now referred to as - ‘boost window’ on the bottom of the sneaker.
However if Yeezy shoes just aren’t your thing, feel free to browse through our webstore and shop all your favourite streetwear labels from the comfort of your own home. Otherwise if maybe you’ve decided your sneaker collection is just about complete, we also stock a wide variety of apparel as well as accessories from the likes of Supreme, Bape, ASSC and a lot more. Looking to provide our shoppers with the easiest shopping experience of authentic hype related goods, shop our range today!