The child of streetwear powerhouse Fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo created his subsidiary brand Fear of God Essentials as a means of providing fans of his brand unparalleled cut and sew garments which feature many of the features of his main line label at significantly lower price points. With pieces retailing at often 1/10th of their main line counterpart prices, the brand seeks to deliver not only affordability to Jerry Lorenzo fans but also accessibility.

Despite being worn by the likes of Justin Bieber and other iconic streetwear and music personnel, FOG Essentials is a brand for everyone. Featuring unique elongated silhouettes in an assortment of muted colours, the brand has become famous for its loud ‘ESSENTIALS’ branding on minimalistic pieces. Consistently delivering collections which feature tee shirts, hoodies, pants and accessories, through his latest endeavours Jerry has literally hoped to design the essential brand for any streetwear fan’s wardrobe.

Designed with a very unique silhouette in mind, fans of the Fear of God label can expect similar fittings between mainline and the essentials range. In saying that Fear of God Essentials sizing is not an easy thing to decipher online! Whilst only merely a suggestion, we feel most of our customers are most comfortable taking a size down from their regular size when shopping the brand. Given the prominent dropped shoulders and elongated hems which the pieces feature, getting the sizing right can be a little daunting and that's why we always suggest getting into your nearest Secret Sneaker Store to find your perfect fit!

Given the very relaxed style of the brand, Fear of God Essentials hoodies and tees are regular suggestions we make to customers either wanting to break into the streetwear scene or wanting to explore an unfamiliar silhouette. Pairing perfectly with a pair of denim jeans, either jet black or acid wash blue, these pieces are often best accompanied by low cut sneakers, think Vans or Yeezy’s or comparatively a higher cut louder pair such as your favourite colourway of the Jordan 1. 

Missed the last Pacsun Fear of God drop? No need to stress because you’ve ended up at the perfect location! Providing our customers with the most effortless access to some of the streetwear industry’s most limited and hard to come by pieces, here at Secret Sneaker Store we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the undeliverable to our customers. Whether you’re shopping from abroad or have a foot down in either Sydney or Melbourne, you’re welcome to come into any of our 3 stores, check out your grails in person and hey if you like even try them on!