The Gifting Size Guide



!Important! Given that SSS is a consignment store, we cannot refund/exchange due to incorrect size or change of mind. As such we ALWAYS recommend visiting us in 1 of our 4 locations to try the shoes on for size.

By coming instore to try the shoe on, there are no unpleasant surprises and while you may spoil the surprise, you more than make up for it with some nice time shopping and hanging out together!


If you have checked out our returns policy and all is good, here is our next best way to figure out what size to get

First is check what other shoes they already own. Do they already own any of the following?

  • Nike Air Jordan1
  • Nike Dunk

If the answer is yes

It yes, then just check the EU sizing for one of those pairs (You can find the size info inside the shoe) and then when buying any of these 4 styles listed above, select the size with the same EU sizing.

These 4 styles have the same fit and so if you are a EU42 in Nike Dunk, then you are likely a EU42 for Nike Air Jordan 1's also.

!Important! We recommend using the EU sizing because the EU size is the same whether it's a mens style pair or a womens style pair, so you can't go wrong.

If you use the US sizing, the US size will vary depending on if the shoe is a mens style or womens style shoe which can be difficult to tell sometimes and lead you to buy the wrong size.

If the answer is no

If they do not own any of the 2 styles above, then we would recommend emailing us at [email protected] or chat with our live chat agent Mon-Fri 3pm to 9pm by clicking on the message icon on the bottom right of this page.

Note that any advice given is general only and while we can estimate what size you might need based on the information you provide, we by no means guarantee the fit will be perfect and you must do your own research and decide ultimately what is the size to go for. 

As mentioned before, the best way is always to come try on the shoe for size instore.


Please find the size charts for each style listed below:

Nike Air Jordan
Nike Dunk
Nike Air Force 1
Adidas Yeezy 350
Adidas Yeezy 500
Adidas Yeezy 700
Adidas Yeezy Slide
New Balance


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