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A message from the owner.



Hi guys,

It’s Edwin Low here, owner of SSS. We had recently had a customer lost a high value parcel while the parcel was in transit from SSS to the shipping address via Auspost.

The tracking in the Auspost website showed that the item made it’s way to NSW Chullora and then disappeared after that.

Me and the team had a long discussion to decide how to sort this case. We do care a lot about our customers and hence why our long discussion and our long reply here.

In terms of the parcel, given that the Auspost tracking showed that the parcel was received by Australia post and made it’s way to Chullora NSW and then disappeared after that, we’d hope that Auspost will do the customer some justice.

We followed our order fulfilment procedures to make sure the shoes were well protected in a strong cardboard box with the correct shipping label and made sure the Auspost pick up lady scanned the box in front of us so customers will be able to clearly see how the order was tracking using the Auspost tracking tool.

Unfortunately no insurance was purchased by the customer for this order.

We do care a lot about being fair and so in the rare cases where customers have bought from us and received a wrong product or a faulty item because of our mistake, we have refunded fully. We think it is fair that if we stuffed up, we must to pay for it.

In this case, because we have shipped the item carefully as per careful procedure and the item was actually received by Auspost and made it’s way through NSW and got lost after that, we think it’s fair we have fulfilled our part and hope that customers can see that it is really Auspost that lost the parcel.

In terms of insurance, where customers have bought insurance, Auspost has given them full compensation quite easily, it’s a straight forward process.

Eitherway, we understand that it can be very very painful to lose parcels (We have lost 6 pairs of shoes one time when we transferred stock from SSS Melbourne Central to SSS Westfield Sydney via Auspost 4,800AUD value – no insurance) We agree that is it very very, very painful.

As a result of this case, we have also looked into the ways to significantly improve our response times to customer queries.

COVID has caused a lot of havoc in changes in instore and online procedure, staff working arrangements, social distancing limitations although we do understand that this is no excuse for a very delayed response.

As an initiative to better cover all parcel shipments, we have now implemented a new collaboration with Route Insurance, which will be turned on by default, to make sure that all customers will get insurance coverage for a small fee (Which we believe is worth it).

For info on Route Insurance or how to turn it on or off, please message us or swipe up.


Thanks for reading everyone. 

Hope everyone stays safe and well. 

We will get through COVID together.