Where to buy Yeezys in Australia

If you are new to the limited-release sneaker game, you are probably wondering where everyone buys their kicks from. Purchasing your first pair of limited sneakers can often be a daunting experience; presenting a plethora of potential issues to unexperienced buyers.

At the pinnacle of the sneaker game, Kanye West’s ‘Yeezy’ is a staple sneaker in most collections of the modern sneakerhead and hypebeast alike. For many, the Yeezy can be an extremely difficult sneaker to acquire. This problem is one that faces many new-comers to the sneaker game and often plagues the minds of experienced sneaker connoisseurs.

To directly address this problem isn’t necessarily a simple matter to say the least - but no fear! We have made this article specifically for you.

Here are 3 ways that you can get your hands on a pair of Yeezys:

1. Buying Yeezys from Retail Stores.

Whether you are purchasing directly from Adidas AU, Footlocker, or other smaller retail stores - this is definitely the best way to secure a pair of Yeezys at the best price (without having to directly deal with a reseller). A pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2s will cost you around $340 (AUD) when purchasing it directly from a retail store.

Given the limited nature of the release however, the retail price will often be significantly lower than the prices the shoes could fetch on the resale market. Consequently, this method of purchasing yeezys can often present its fair-share of competition and can often be incredibly difficult.

If you are hoping to buy instore or online, you should ensure that you stay updated with the latest release information by following retail stores and local sneaker pages on their social media accounts. These pages will often provide you with information which can assist you when planning to try cop a pair of yeezys on the day of release. Such information that can be vital to your success are:

  • The date/time of release.
  • In-store release and/or Online release.
  • First come First served or Raffle.

Some Instagram accounts which provide information for Yeezy releases:

  • @adidasau
  • @adidasoriginals
  • @yeezymafia
  • @sneakerfreakermag
  • @highsnobiety
  • @sneakernews
  • @sneakerboy

Note that Adidas Originals usually opens its raffle registration a few days before release day. Once you miss out on registering for a raffle ticket, you will not be able to purchase the shoes in-store. Make sure you follow their IG accounts religiously to ensure you stay updated with all the details.

In the case of a First come first served situation, make sure you keep an eye out for a line (as people may start lining up as early as 3 days or more before the release date). If you line up too late, the store may run out of stock before it reaches your turn. So be sure to get in early!

People in Australia waiting to buy Yeezys

If you are hoping to buy online, speed and persistence is key. Some websites where you can usually purchase yeezys online include:

  • Adidas AU
  • End Clothing
  • Yeezy Supply
  • Sneakernstuff
  • Ssense
  • Porter
  • Slam Jam Socialism
  • Foot District

2. Buying from open marketplaces.

The next way to buy Yeezys in Australia is through open marketplaces. This is often a reliable and easy method or purchasing yeezys with minimal effort. However, in the open marketplace environment, the price of Yeezys are often listed at resale prices. This is due to resellers typically taking advantage of the limited manner of the release in order to make a profit on top of the retail price they paid for the shoes initially.

These marketplaces include, Facebook Groups, Grailed, StockX, Goat, Gumtree or Klekt.

In terms of Australia Facebook Groups, some of the best and safest groups include:

Underground Society 


The Kickz Stand


Yeezy AU


THEXCHNG (Shop and Swap)





Whilst purchasing from Facebook Groups and other open Marketplaces may be an effective method of acquiring a pair of yeezys, it is necessary to stay alert when making purchases. Scams can often occur frequently in open marketplaces due to lack of third-party regulation. Consequently, it is necessary to be cautious when making purchases from other members within these communities.

When buying these groups, we very strongly recommend paying via Paypal Goods & Service and not paying via Paypal Friends and Family, or direct bank transfer. This will give you that extra protection when completing your purchase.


Despite these risk factors, the majority of the members of these communities share a common interest with you and often thrive off ensuring you receive the sneakers as soon as possible and in the best condition.

3. Purchasing from Consignment stores

Consignment stores have only recently been introduced to the streetwear ecosystem in Australia; but have had a profound effect on the community as a whole.

Not only do consignment stores allow sneakerheads to access their favourite streetwear items with ease, but they also allow the community to browse a broad range of limited streetwear items in a retail environment.

These stores specialise in the authenticity of the items they stock, often spending significant periods of time ensuring each item received upholds the highest quality standards and is authentic.

In general, consignment stores are effective and convenient method of purchasing a pair of yeezys; often having a full-size run on the day of release. This is widely considered the best method of ensuring that the yeezy is authentic (without purchasing directly from a retail store).

These stores specialise in the authenticity of the items they stock, often spending significant periods of time ensuring each item upholds the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

In most consignment stores, staff are incredibly helpful and will ensure that you always purchase the correct size. You are also able to view shoes in person as well as try them on. This ensures that you always receive the best possible size and colour-way.

Secret Sneaker Store

Secret Sneaker Store (SSS) is the first consignment store in Australia. We strive to ensure that all items are of the highest quality standards and authentic. We also stock a vast range of shoes and clothing to ensure that we always have something that will suite you!

Purchasing yeezys from SSS is defiantly the safest and easiest method of securing a pair of the newest yeezys. Not only do we currently have 3 locations in 2 of Australia’s capital cities, but we also have an online store which displays a vast range of limited items (including yeezys).

Our vision is to cultivate the streetwear community in Australia by bringing people together with common interests. We take pride in bringing everyone together!


Currently, Secret Sneaker Store is operating in 3 store-front locations:

Melbourne CBD

Shop 220B Level 2, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Sydney CBD

Shop 1001A Level 1 Westfield Sydney, Pitt St & Market St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Shop B-012 Lower Ground, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148.


In Australia, the best way to purchase Yeezys is either directly from a retail source or from Secret Sneaker Store. This ensures that you receive a pair of yeezys that is 100% authentic.

At Secret Sneaker Store, we are likely to always have your size in stock. Not only are we the safest way to ensure you receive yeezys, we are also the most convenient. Our online store also allows you to get them sent to you directly within 5 business days (except WA). 


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