Don't fancy sleeping overnight outside at footlocker? No luck scoring on Supply raffles? Every consignment store seem to have every other size in stock except yours!? 

Well we've developed a brand new system to help you secure your grails! The SSS Item waiting list is user driven initiative in which we connect cash ready, interested buyers with their next grail plug!

Servicing both our customers as well as our consignors, customers are encouraged to either hit us up on Facebook Instagram / Email / In store or via phone to register their interest in a sneaker, accessory or piece of clothing to which we contact our thousands of sellers across all three SSS stores in search of your grail!

Now on the flip side, say you need cash quick and you've got some sneakers to move, simply check out our public spreadsheet with all the current live customer requests, get in contact with us saying you've got an item requested on the list and we will contact the cash ready buyer and get your item sold!

Keen to make a request? Just hit us up on any of our social media accounts!
Keen to check out the current requests? Simply click here and cycle through the stores!