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So you've built up you're collection of grails but when they're not on your feet all they do is sit in their box... Now maybe you've picked up an Ikea shelf, dropped it off in the corner of your room, or perhaps copped a few transparent tubs off eBay to hopefully showcase your kicks. Now whilst that's great, you and I both know those aren't doing the job!

Well that's where we step in! Here at SSS we are now stocking SupBro Sneaker Display Crates. Now these aren't standard Sneaker display boxes, these boxes are built to work and definitely built to last! Amongst some of the most essential sneaker display box features are;
  • Drop front magnetic hinge doors for easy access
  • UV protection coated frame to defend against leather and glue yellowing
  • Expansive size to fit not only your low cut Yeezys but also your high cut Jordan 1s
  • Easy assembly and natural stacking box accents allowing for great display opportunities
  • Built to support up to 100kg of downwards applied weight
Currently with two variations available and with each pack containing two crates, you can pick up the LED Lit version as well as standard versions either in store at our Chadstone or Melbourne Central locations (Sydney on the way!), or on our web store here!

*For larger quantity orders please email us at [email protected] to discuss shipping costs and bulk  possible discounts!