Born on the streets of London in 2009, and with heritage taking the brand and skate team back even further. It is thanks to Lvent Tanju that today we are able to wear, skate and support the brand that is Palace Skateboards. Having started from humble beginnings Tanju would create graphics for his friends skateboards and over the years this would translate into a full fledged, international brand which would see limited releases only being made available at each of their four flagship stores and online every Friday when a season was active.
In their infancy the brand would see a global distribution model in which you could purchase Palace pieces from an assortment of popular skate stores in most cities across the globe. However around 2017 this would all change with distributors being cut significantly and the brand made recognisably more exclusive. Creating a level of discourse within the community, this move would polarise fans as some felt the brand was following in the likes of Supreme by making pieces exclusive in order to manufacture hype. Comparatively, given their already notable fame within the streetwear scene, others would see this as a means of ‘gatekeeping’ and ensuring the brand would lead a secure future.
Furthermore, most commonly recognised for their triangular logo, the Palace Skateboard ‘Tri-Ferg’ would become a highly sought after ‘logo’ for many streetwear fans. Just as Supreme fans would collect rare box logo tee shirts, Palace fans would do the same seeking out rare limited edition pieces or otherwise extremely old adaptations of the logo. As a result when shopping the brand we find a lot of shoppers sway towards Palace Tri-Ferg pieces or otherwise the more heavily branded pieces as these tend to be the most recognisable and hence popular amongst the streetwear community.
Now if perhaps you consider yourself a fan of the brand for its skate roots, fret not because staying true to their brand history, the team consistently release skate related content on their social media accounts as well as sponsor and support new and old skaters within their neighbourhoods. Furthermore, and as expected, the brand also regularly releases new skate decks as well as skate related accessories which can be purchased. Whether you skate them or keep them as display pieces for your room is up to you as the Palace skateboards do a great job at being both!
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