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One the most significant and impactful streetwear labels to come out within the last decade, ASSC has broken an incredible amount of boundaries within the streetwear world, some intentionally and others apparently accidentally ever since their humble beginnings as a one man show. Often recognised for their loud branding, each ASSC piece tends to feature at least somewhere on the garment or accessory the brand’s name ‘Anti Social Social Club’. However if that doesn’t ring a bell, during the earlier stages of the brand’s existence it was commonly referred to by streetwear fans as ‘Anti Shipping Shipping Club’, given their extremely long manufacture and shipping times as a result of the very few people working behind the brand.
Despite often utilising very simple graphics and blanks either when making hoodies, tees or jackets it was because of this very simple design that bootleg variants would pop up and the now familiar ‘Anti ___ ___ Club’ phrase coined.
Similarly having begun as a simple concept idea by Neek Lurk, a former STUSSY social media marketing manager, it was arguably through the brands support by Kanye West that the brand would explode in popularity and require a lot more management than by that of a singular person. Given its growth as a now streetwear powerhouse the brand has seen an assortment of collaborations between other well respected streetwear brands such as BAPE, Comme Des Garcons and Dover Street Market, as well as not entirely streetwear related brands such as Rimowa, Playboy, and the child of Korean Pop group BTS through their Anti Social Social Club BT21 collection.
Similarly, given the success of the brand as a whole and the overwhelming support not only from fans but also other established brands, ASSC has gained an increasing level of notoriety within the ‘Hype’ market with pieces often selling out instantly at release and appearing on private after markets with price hikes of up to 300% on some pieces. Whilst often not as dear as some other brands Anti Social Social Club resale prices are definitely something to consider if you’re even able to find the specific piece you’re after given how rare some of the pieces can be!
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