SSS Warehouse Service

(Updated 2023 AUG 01)

Please note since we are moving warehouses, consignment at SSS warehouse is currently closed. 

Key features of this service:

  • 13% + 10AUD consignment fee for items sold on SSS online.
  • Shipping service to buyers outside of SSS available.
  • Consign up to 50 items per session.
  • We accept:
    • Any established brand streetwear item 
    • Brand new only
    • 100% Authentic only
  • Service made by resellers for resellers.


For full terms and conditions please see below:

Full Pricing Chart


Price (AUD)

Selling through SSS Online

Consignment Fee

13% + 10AUD

Payout Fee


Taking out of Consignment


Warehousing in SSS

Storage Fee


Selling to buyers outside of SSS

Picking Fee

2.95AUD per item

Shipping Fee

Consignor provides us label to attached to shipment

Shipping Boxes

Box for 1 item - 2.30AUD
Box for 3 items - 4.30AUD
Box for 7 items - 6.30AUD

(Optional) Photo Fee

1.95AUD for up to 8 photos per item.

(Optional) Extra Bubble Wrap for shoes

1.95AUD per item.

Return to Sender Fee

2.95AUD per item returned 


If you have any questions regarding this service, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!



Other important terms and conditions

1. SSS will apply its best efforts to maintain optimum condition of consigned items and relationship with the respected consignor. SSS is not responsible for: (1) Any form of damage made during the selling process of the consigned item. This includes the yellowing, glossing of materials due to any form of chemical aging, oxidazation, or any other aging process.
2. In the event that consigned items become damaged as a result of entering into consignment at SSS, it will be up to SSS’s sole discretion to fully or partially subsidize the value of the item to the consignor. SSS will work with the owner to attempt to either repair or reimburse the owner.
3. Until further notice, SSS warehouse consignment does not cover your consigned goods damage as a result of events including but not limited to fire, floods, natural disasters and forced entry theft. While we have alarms, security cameras, ram proof bollards and security smash proof film, we do recommend that where required, you as a consignor can organize insurance for your goods as you see fit.
4. Before confirming any buy/sell/trade transactions outside of SSS, please review your consignor access portal to ensure your item is not already sold on SSS and is available to be taken back to be sold/traded outside of SSS. SSS will NOT be responsible for any losses due to items not being available due to it being sold.
5. The consignor above hereby permits SSS to sell items on the consignor's behalf on SSS Store premises.
6. In the event that consigned items have not sold for 120 days since consigning, consignors will be prompted to either (1) take back the item and remove it from consignment ,- or - (2) lower the price of the item by an agreed upon amount. SSS reserves the right to remove the item from SSS online while SSS waits for a response from the consignor. The following schedule will apply to items that have been consigned for 120 days and not sold:
  Week 1   Email reminder
  Week 2   Phone call reminder
  Week 3   Email for alternate contact send (If available)
  Week 4   Email reminder
  Week 5   Phone call reminder and email reminder
  Week 6   Store ships item back to consignor's designated address at Consignors cost.
7. Information provided by you in this form will also be applicable to all items consigned from the 1st date of consignment to any future consignments under this account. You are responsible to notify us of any changes in Personal details and Alternate contact details via email.
8. All payouts earned by consignors will be paid out to consignors via bank transfer to the consignors bank accounts only. Payouts via any other payment method is not permitted.
9. Submitting this form does NOT grant approval that all items listed in this form will be accepted for consignment.
10. Where incorrect bank details were provided by yourself resulting in a bounce back of your payout, SSS will charge 2.50Aud penalty fee per occurrence.
11. Consignors will not be allowed to remove items from consignment 7 days from consigning. This means that once you consign an item, you cannot return the item until 7 days has passed. Early return of items will incur a 20AUD fee per item.
12. Where a consignor would like to reduce or increase the price of any item. The consignor MUST send the request by email to the relevant store that the item is currently at. The consignor agrees that the price drop will not formally occur until it has been acknowledged and approved by the SSS Team.
13. When removing an item from consignment. The consignor MUST either (1) Be physically present to take back the item with valid ID -or (2) allocate one person to return the item and provide the person with the consignors physical valid ID to present during time of return.
14. SSS will be keeping record of how many times we believe a consignor has intentionally brought in a non-authentic item. Each consignor will be given 1 chance. Where we believe a consignor has intentionally brought in a non-authentic item for the second time, SSS reverses the right to remove all consigned items linked to that consignor as well as related any other related party and indefinitely revoke the consignors ability to consign at SSS.
15. In the event the business has incorrectly paid you out or sent you an incorrect item with clear evidence that the event was made in error, you are required to send the funds/items back to us to correct the error or risk a break of agreement leading to a case in the federal court. By submitting this form, you agree that you will coorporate with our reasonable request. 
16. Where your monthly storage fee payment declines, SSS will remove your items from SSS online until payment is made. Where items have been stored for more than 30 days without payment, we will initiate the flow in clause 8, resulting in item ownership takeover after 6 weeks.
17. The consignor confirms that all information provided in this form is true and correct. In the event that incorrect bank details was entered leading to a payout to an account that does not belong to the consignor, SSS is not responsible for any resulting monetary loss. In the event that the contact details provided via this form are incorrect and the consignor does not receive information about ownership takeover, SSS is not responsible for loss of consigned products.