Supreme’s deep rooted history within streetwear culture spans over twenty years and it’s prominence particularly in the late 2010’s mirrors the rise of streetwear becoming the culture everyone from designer houses to your local fast fashion chains are imitating, and at every step of the way Supreme has been at the helm.
Humble beginnings as just a solitary store in Soho, New York at the core of the brand is it’s skating identity and as the brand has gone on to influence a whole generation and take on a life of its own, it remains true to its identity with each season keeping core tenants of it’s skating roots. 
Still boasting a skating team, constant skateboard releases and countless skating movies that date back to the 90’s; it’s the unwavering love of skating that helped build the brand. 
Not limited to its skating nucleus it hasn’t stayed strictly within the confines of a skating brand however, and its willingness to delve into other worlds has built a catalogue of releases and collaborations that rivals no other. 
Collaborating with famed artists like Basquiet, prolific musicians like The Velvet Underground and practically every facet of the fashion world from Stussy to North Face to Louis Vuitton, every new season sees Supreme dipping their hands into uncharted territories for streetwear culture. 
Underpinning its identity is its iconic box logo, which has become a globally recognised symbol for the brand. Originally featured on skating staples like basic tees and stickers over the years the logo has been reimagined numerous times and has found its way on everything from bags to bouncy balls. 
From graphic tees all the way down to key chains, 1 word comprising 7 letters can turn any design into a sought after release and with thousands of people around the world lusting for every drop, Supreme knows this and its small quantities of releases leads to fast sellouts and high resell prices.  
As of 2020, Supreme has 10+ locations all across the globe and was valued at $1 billion in 2017. 
Whether young, old, skater, athlete, student, or what have you; Supreme is a brand that has a piece for everybody.